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Beach, please

One of our fave places to escape to is Crescent Beach in White Rock and every time we go Ryan goes "let me guess you want to go to HOOKED (a rad restaurant that serves amazing seafood) normally I say DUH but today I said BEACH PLEASE. Let's get Greek! We all sat down, I admired the Sun setting on the water and within 10 seconds Isaac declared he wanted to go to the beach and off we went. Ryan ate alone and got our veggie platter to go and so without planning we sat on the beach eating our meal. Isaac ate all the carbs (my fave part of meals) and Ziggy was dipping rocks into the Tzatziki. 


We did the usual beach thangs. Collected rocks and shells (white ones only because I am just suuuuuch a minimalist, has nothing to do with OCD) Isaac took his clothes off, we each got some yummy gelato, the boys made friends and we snapped some photos. The weeks are a blur but time seems to stand still on the weekend even though the boys most definitely do not. I wouldn't say we 'live for the weekend' because that would insinuate we're unhappy with our 'jobs' but we live for eachother, and when we're all together, that's it for us. Nirvana.


Deets on our clothes because we love wear them for a reason!


Isaac : Vintage & Zara Sneaks

Ziggy : Super Fussy Tunic (we sell these on the site!)  &  Minimoc shoes

Ryan : Lifetime Collective and 10 year old shorts HA

Sarah : Style for the Priv tee, Zulu & Zephyr Skirt , Lack of Color Aus Hat, Vintage Sandals and Bag.



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