Fun Procascination

The next time you have a To Do list a mile long, tear it up and give yourself a day to LIVE! 

Ryan mentioned last night he had a truck full of gas and it would be fun to go on a road trip IF he didn't have to photograph all my new products for the site. Normally I'd go "really ry, realllllly?" But this time I just said WHERE WE GOIN BOO? I'm so glad I did. We left with no destination planned and we saw a sign for Hells Gate which I then bored Ryan with a story about my German exchange student (awful experience, that's another story) and how I was there ten years ago. He pulled into the lot and off we went down a swaying Air Tram down to something that def doesn't seem comparable to how I imagine the gates of hell considering there was a shit load of fudge, ice cream and stuffed animals down there. Maybe that is hell, after all? At least when you have kids with sticky fingers. 

We crossed a suspension bridge and climbed up a mountain side (like 40 Meters) and with burning thighs we looked down and saw a train coming. It was scary / glorious being so close to it. Raising fearless kids right. Teaching them life skills. Lesson 1 : do not, I repeat DO NOT stand on train tracks, unless someone is taking your photo. Duh.

mucho love to Sakura Bloom as usual who keep me sane, and Ziggy close, on our adventures.


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