Golden Ears

I always wanted to live in the city, Vancouver never sleeps and the sound of cars and glow of lights at night was always so alluring. Being born and raised in Maple Ridge (about 45 minutes outside the city) when someone asked where I was from, I felt like saying Maple Ridge made me not as cool as someone from the city. It wasn't until the boys joined our fam that I realized I FUCKING LOVE THE SUBURBS. Maple Ridge is SO beautiful, we live 10 minutes from the mountains, lakes, rivers. There's no shortage of things to do and places to see and that's the beauty of living here. We live in a 4 bedroom town home with a yard and garage and we 100% would not be home owners if we lived any closer to the city. 

Golden Ears Provincial Park is our favourite place to escape to lately, we decided to go have our guac and chips in the mountains at 6:30 and by 7:00 we had packed up and arrived. Zig has a tendency to pass out 5 seconds before we get anywhere, so he slept in my arms while we walked to the beach. He has  PHD in cuddling and has a knack for making me appreciate this beautiful life.

Ryan and I were grinning like idiots watching the boys explore, Zig was wearing Isaac's old clothes and boots, and it was his first time exploring with his big brother up there. It's nights like these that make us so stoked for what the future holds. We're so goddam tired but we only get another 18 odd years with the boys in our house which is really nothing at all in the big scheme of things. 


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