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New Artist : Lottie Hampson

New Artist : Lottie Hampson

Lottie Hampson is a maker based in the UK who works with photography, drawing, food and ceramics. Most recently she has delved into the world of food; a passionate cook, she plays with ways of intertwining her practices; baking a loaf of bread, styling it with her ceramics, photographing the scene on film, interpreting that photo through drawing, & recreating the outcome of the drawing on the kitchen table for others to share and enjoy. Often her starting point, analogue photography helps her to slow down, and the images she makes are a quiet meditation on her surroundings; slowly building a sense of place through observations of light and landscapes, interiors and objects, and fragments of the people that inhabit these places. Tablescapes are the final result of this recent creative process, where, inspired by the kitchen table and the amount of the day that is centered around it, Lottie used oil pastels to breathe life into the table in all it's simple beauty. 




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