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On Sundays We Road Trip

" On Wednesdays we wear pink "and in our case ... "On Sundays we road trip."

This time we drove to Logan Lake , BC. We stopped by this site where a retired Dump Truck and Digger from a local mine now act as a roadside attraction. The boys lost their miiiiiinds when we pulled up (in my new Honda CR-V (!!!) I went from a 1999 VW jetta with a broken door and no AC to a 2016 LUXE suv. I cried when I saw you push a goddam button to start it ?? !) 

ANYWAYS, it was a fun pit-stop and we highly recommend it the next time you're making the Vancouver - Okanogan Drive.


Deets : Isaac is wearing a Red Creek Kids Linen Jumper (made in canada) and Salt Water Sandals.  Ziggy's in a Zara jumper and Minimoc Shoes (also made in canada). I'm wearing Zulu & Zephyr dungarees and a UO hat. Ryan buy his own clothes so he's wearing stuff...


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