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Sea to Sky

Like clockwork Saturday morn rolled around and we packed up and were out of the house by 8 AM. We were en route to Whistler until we realized the FOUR THOUSAND cyclists were part of a big event and were ALL going to Whistler Village. We drove right on past because helllooooooo, too many skin tight shorts and we didn't wanna scar the boys for life. JK I just get bad anxiety in overcrowded places.


We decided to hit up Pemberton for lunch, then continued onto Joffre Lakes Provincial Park and got passed on the 5 minute hike (my thighs were still burning) by practically everyone. Isaac walked right out into the water on the stones. Ryan hollered to stop but I said why not?? It's just wataaaaa. V cold wata but you live you learn Iziki.

All in all we did just over 8 hours of driving today and the boys were champs with a bit of Mike Tyson thrown into the mix. Let's just say our ears are still ringing from Ziggys cries (watch the movie Good Boy? He sounds like the alien dog when he first barks....just sayin)


Had loads of fun instead of doing the loads of laundry here at home. 



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