Weekend in Seattle

Last minute decisions always make for the best memories. My husband Ryan works in the film industry which has long, and i mean looong, every changing hours. After just passing one another in transit for over a week he finally got the day off. Off we went, packed the boys up, made sure to not bring any kinder eggs (ha!) and remembered to make sure none of our passports and nexus cards were expired. (if you read my post on Cuba, you'll understand why)


It's pretty trippy to be able to travel to another country and back again in the course of a day. It took a pal from Aus to message me in total awe to realize this. BUT , you Aussies live a beautiful life in that climate so that's what you get as a trade off.


As always Seattle was a blast. We hit up MOD pizza like we always do, a brewery, ice cream joint and this time the Museum of Flight . If you have kids...HIT IT UP! We spent a few hours roaming, checking out vintage planes, and even space crafts. I know. Ryan was actually there 5 years ago when I called him and told him I was pregnant with Isaac and Isaac was also totally conceived in Seattle as well. TMI. anyways...

Gum wall was deliciously disgusting and we forgot to bring gum for the tenth ...hundredth time. Another first for us was the Seattle Great Wheel on Pier 57. It was fun the first few rounds, then Isaac started crying and the AC turned off and it got pretty sweaty.  I slipped on the stairs, with Zig on my shoulders (pictured below) and came home with a pretty sweet souvenir on my ars because I was in the whole 'must protect my young' mode when i slipped and my right butt cheek cushioned the fall and Ziggy didn't even notice his ride had stopped.


SO it feels good getting back on this blog since it's been a good 5 months since my last post...I'm sure I'll be back on soon with summer creeping in and a holiday in Croatia coming up!






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