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Thanksgiving in the Woods

After a few weeks of colds and not so good vibes in the house, we decided to escape to Ryans mums new place in the woods near Princeton, about 3 hours away. Imagine 5 acres in the middle of nowhere with trailers from the Seventies. This was my kinda Thanksgiving with the boys and Bella (my old pup). Isaac and Zig roasted Marshmallows, Zig freaked because his hands got sticky, and we wandered through the woods and because Bella isn't exactly a ferocious K9 I was fairly certain we would all be eaten by bears. I was wrong! We had a vvvv memorable Thanksgiving this year and maybe next year we will find a trailer from the sixties to eat in. Kidding, but not really. Happy Thanksgiving Canadian friends!!

Clothing deets because why not

I'm wearing Zulu & Zephyr coveralls, Vintage Jacket, Wilfred Blanket Scarf, Blundstone Boots and an LOC hat. Boys are basically full blown vintage with some Zara + Superfussy and as per usual Ryan's wearing stuff. Oh and Bella is wearing the same leash she has had for the past 10 years. Poor girl.




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