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Thanksgiving in the Woods , Year II

We spent our second thanksgiving in the woods this past weekend and it was just as much needed as it was last year. 

I've loved going through our photos from last year (See them here) and seeing how much Isaac and Ziggy have grown. We packed up their grandpa's old GI Joes and built a fort for them using timber and stones and cooked our (veg) Thanksgiving meal over an open fire in a Yurt Tent. We slept in an old RV from the 70's and the boys and I in particular shared a SINGLE BED. Fights over who got to sleep beside me definitely happened and one or two of us might've fallen out the bed.

We found a frog on the trail, stopped by our usual spot at the Blue Moose Cafe in Hope (SO GOOD)  and ended the trip realizing the beautiful penny lane coats I've been saving for the boys will never be keep an eye out for those. 




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