We were running ahead of schedule, basically high fiving the shit out of life because travelling with a 1 and 3 year old seemed like such a huge task but nah, we were just killing it.


20 minutes the baggage check in. "I'm sorry but Isaac's passport is expired."


We look at each other, mouths open, completely dumbfounded. "wait. what."


"I'm sorry but he can't travel, his passport expired in May of this year."


After some casual OMG's...WTF's...and delirious banter back and forth about one of us flying solo with Ziggy we decided we would miss our flight, drive back to our house, grab the birth certificate, drive back to the Passport office and BEG them to get our 3 year old an emergency passport in less than 5 hours. They did it. Most stressful hours of our life to date. We rebooked our flights which was no joy since we thought travel insurance was for suckers. We were the suckers. Big time. Our "cheap" vaca turned into what COULD have been a 2 week vacation at a 5 star resort. Instead we hopped on a red eye, the boys cried and Ryan and I barely made it off the plane in one piece.

Word of advice : if you see parents on a plan with a child. SMILE AND GIVE THEM PITY.

I sacrificed circulation in my leg for 6 hours just to avoid Ziggy waking up as he was sprawled across my legs and Isaac had his foot dangerously close to Zig's head. (I feel like this happens alot.)

ANYWAYS. fast forward 14 hours and we arrive in Varadero. It's HOT and humid and BEAUTIFUL. We pile into a taxi with a questionable looking driver and say YOLO cause after what we just endured we felt we were invincible. The cabbi did not murder us so we got to spend the next 6 days exploring Varadero and NOT BURNING while basking on the beach.If you live in a home filled with beautiful tanned boys, you'll understand my thrill. Cuba is beautiful and I highly recommend visiting ASAP. It's like stepping into a time capsule. 

So here are some photos that I maybe didn't 'insta' 

Here's to more blog posts now that I have switched my websites around. It's 1 AM and the boys will be up in roughly 4 hours. Time to load photos and drink cold tea xx



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  • Susana

    Hi Sarah! Love love love your blog, photos, and the boys! So precious! I was wondering where you stayed in Varadero! Going for Xmas dont even know where to start looking for a hotel!

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