Golden Ears

I always wanted to live in the city, Vancouver never sleeps and the sound of cars and glow of lights at night was always so alluring. Being born and raised in Maple Ridge (about 45 minutes outside the city) when someone asked where I was from, I felt like saying Maple Ridge made me not as cool as someone from the city. It wasn't until the boys joined our fam that I realized I FUCKING LOVE THE SUBURBS. Maple Ridge is SO beautiful, we live 10 minutes from the mountains, lakes, rivers. There's no shortage of things to do and...

On Sundays We Road Trip

" On Wednesdays we wear pink "and in our case ... "On Sundays we road trip."

This time we drove to Logan Lake , BC. We stopped by this site where a retired Dump Truck and Digger from a local mine now act as a roadside attraction. The boys lost their miiiiiinds when we pulled up (in my new Honda CR-V (!!!) I went from a 1999 VW jetta with a broken door and no AC to a 2016 LUXE suv. I cried when I saw you push a goddam button to start it ?? !) 

ANYWAYS, it was a fun...

Beach, please

One of our fave places to escape to is Crescent Beach in White Rock and every time we go Ryan goes "let me guess you want to go to HOOKED (a rad restaurant that serves amazing seafood) normally I say DUH but today I said BEACH PLEASE. Let's get Greek! We all sat down, I admired the Sun setting on the water and within 10 seconds Isaac declared he wanted to go to the beach and off we went. Ryan ate alone and got our veggie platter to go and so without planning we sat on the beach eating our...

Fun Procascination

The next time you have a To Do list a mile long, tear it up and give yourself a day to LIVE! 

Ryan mentioned last night he had a truck full of gas and it would be fun to go on a road trip IF he didn't have to photograph all my new products for the site. Normally I'd go "really ry, realllllly?" But this time I just said WHERE WE GOIN BOO? I'm so glad I did. We left with no destination planned and we saw a sign for Hells Gate which I then bored Ryan with a story...

Varadero, Cuba


We were running ahead of schedule, basically high fiving the shit out of life because travelling with a 1 and 3 year old seemed like such a huge task but nah, we were just killing it.


20 minutes the baggage check in. "I'm sorry but Isaac's passport is expired."


We look at each other, mouths open, completely dumbfounded. "wait. what."


"I'm sorry but he can't travel, his passport expired in May of this year."


After some casual OMG's...WTF's...and delirious banter back and forth about one of us...