The Story


Hi friends new and old, I'm Sarah Shabacon, 25, mother of two boys and wife to a husband who spends his days (and sometimes nights) in the film industry . Bohème came to life in May 2016 when I realized my old fashion label I was running at the time was no longer my jam.

I handpick vintage for the shop from all over BC and also curate some of my personal favourite designers and artists. I am a huge supporter of small businesses and believe in only sharing what I know to be a great product that's brought into existence with love and purpose. 

Aside from having a really rad wardrobe for you or your little bohème, or smiling every time you walk past that piece of art from the seventies, you're doing Mother Earth a solid and reducing waste. You're giving new life to something. That's the allure of it, owning a piece of history, with stories and lives lived far beyond your walls. 

- Sarah Shabacon