The Story

I started Bohème Goods on a whim whilst running my old company IWEARTHEHEADRESS. I grew up sifting through thrift shops with my mum where she taught me the ropes of finding hidden treasures. Cashmere, Silk, Linen..these were part of my vocabulary as a child and even into my teen years, I always chose to shop secondhand rather than at the mall. I love being able to have a wardrobe filled with unique pieces, some of which I'm sure have lived some pretty amazing lives with someone before me.

Not only does buying vintage and preloved clothing save you some money, but it also saves the planet. We are the generation with the power to really implement change, and even by choosing to recycle clothing instead of it sitting in a landfill with millions of near identical products being mass produced solely for profit, that in itself is a huge step in the right direction. 

A few months into this new venture I realized it was what I had been craving all my life, I decided to close up my old shop to focus on Bohème and I'm the happiest I've ever been. I guess you could say I'm following in my mums footsteps because my two boys are with me on nearly every buying trip for the shop and they already know that if there's a wooden toy, it's coming home with us - because it's sure to last. 


- Sarah Shabacon